Gay Escort Madrid

A gay escort is a professional woman in the world of luxury escorts but only serves women because it is of total lesbian sexual orientation.

They are not usual in this sector because they do not have too much demand, only some women one hundred percent lesbians who want to hire for a sex session a woman with the same sexual orientation as her.

It is much more common and normal to find in the advertisements of contacts in Madrid to bisexual women who offer their services to both men and women as well as couples. These are women who are not totally gay but who like women but also men.

If you are a gay woman and you are looking for the services of another gay woman just like you, you are going to have a hard time finding her in Madrid, it is not an easy task.  And the reason is that dedicating yourself to being a gay escort in Madrid to attend only to women is complicated because there is very little work for these girls.

But don’t come down, you’re sure to find one.

In our escort agency in Madrid we don’t have any girl who attends only to women, that is to say, who is totally gay, but that is surely not a problem since we have some wonderful beauties that although it also attends to men, they are more gay than straight.

When they sometimes take care of a man-woman couple, that’s when they notice their homosexuality because they dedicate much more to give pleasure to the woman than to the man.  This couples love, since normally, the woman likes to receive pleasure and the man usually likes and put a hundred to see his partner receiving pleasure and enjoying with another woman.

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Hello everyone, here we are going to talk a little about gay escorts in Madrid, although there are not many escorts that are one hundred percent gay there are always some.