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Full kisses, loving and sensual, our escorts - www.escortpormadrid.comStarting the relationship with a good kiss will awaken your senses and those of the escort you meet. It will help you gain complicity and will allow you to be relaxed from the very first moment.

Besides, passionate kisses are the perfect complement to a girlfriend experience. That girlfriend in love who gives off passion through her lips and makes you dream of heaven and even touch it. Find out for yourself, don’t let anyone else tell you about it.

Who doesn’t like kissing?

Kisses on the mouth are one of the best weapons to seduce. Fleshy lips, painted with a sexy red and an endless number of sensations so difficult to describe but that provoke the most pleasant emotions you can imagine?

Who wouldn’t want to kiss, increase the complicity with a luxury escort in Madrid and enjoy her touch? Kissing serves to stimulate, to enjoy lust and even to improve your health!

Kissing beautiful women is healthy

There are studies that show that kissing on the mouth helps to increase defences, to reduce possible pain, thanks to the endorphins that are released, as well as to prevent depression, due to the oxytocin that is released while kissing.

And that’s not all, among the benefits of kissing on the mouth are the prevention of dental problems, the acceleration of the metabolism and the improvement of self-esteem.

Moreover, kissing has more relevance than just the simple act of putting the lips together. It is an art in itself and is a means of expressing feelings, emotions and passions. Therefore, I reiterate that it is not only important to know what type of kiss to give, but also on what occasions each one should be used, doing it subtly is an art that not many people are capable of mastering?

In fact, many women know if a man interests them from the first moment just by tasting his lips, because kisses speak for us, and they define us as fiery, relaxed, passionate, etc.