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The foot fetish as sexual service is demanded by many men who do not acknowledge publicly -
Fetishism also takes place in our agency. If your fetish are feet, there is a selection of women who can satisfy your desires, they will make you forget about everything for a moment and they will make you surrender to the passion and enjoyment of your favorite and most desired fetish, all your dreams are about to come true.

Before describing this service related to a fetish, I would like to say something interesting.

What is this fetish?  feet?

On one hand there are people who kind of fear certain words such as fetish, considering it something nasty and not worth their time, but fetishism is nothing but the exaggerated admiration for something or someone, in this case the feet. Basically, you and I are fetishists of something, maybe of our favorite football player or a model. So this word should not and must not sound weird. As for the other interesting thing I wanted to emphasize it is that … Does the word “footjob” means anything to you? Surely in a more feverish than usual movie you have seen it. Let’s start!

Foot fetishism is a pronounced fetishistic interest in human feet. This paraphilia is also called Podophilia. It is one of the most common fetishes in men and is not surprising because if you love women’s legs … why no their feet? The foot fetish in women is a little studied and most unusual sexual behavior, but it brings a lot of pleasure to its users.

A feet fetishist can be sexually excited to see, touch, caress, suck, smell, lick or kiss the feet of another person. There are also fetishists who enjoy punishing the feet of others, but they represent nothing more than a variant of BDSM unrelated to conventional foot fetishism.

The fetishist response is the same or very similar to any other sexual user, every person has a different response about the different erotic places of women, such as breasts, booty, nipples, etc. In addition, foot fetishists enjoy practicing with their partners a technique called footjob, which consists of an erotic massage practiced with the feet, or rather (between you and me) a handjob performed with the feet. If you are watching this section it is because you may have a fancy for feet and you want to fulfill certain fantasy, maybe the time has come for you to finally do it.

Feet fetish VS shoe fetish

Although the foot fetish is not to be confused with the fetish for shoes, there is a close relationship between the two practices, since much of the foot fetishists perceive the female shoes into an erotic way.

In the same way that clothing and erotic lingerie (thongs, necklines, skirts, etc.) highlight the attributes of the female body and that is conventionally accepted by society, for a foot fetishist, the use of light shoes (sandals, flip flops, etc.) by a gorgeous woman is, of course, a very beautiful sight to behold.

Haven’t you slept with a woman who wears only her high heels on? Nothing else to say about it.

All this lies within the fetishism of the feet and this is why you can try it with our exclusive escorts. Fancy that they perform a footjob just using their sensual feet, cum on their feet, fuck her with heels on, lick his feet or what comes to your mind?

In escortporMadrid, you’ll find the wilder and most daring range of girls eager to perform you this fetish. Do not hesitate because you can make all your wishes come true once and for all, and stop dreaming about that fantasy that resists you and  turn it into something tangible that you will remember all your life. You will not regret it, for sure.

In addition, many fetishists are attracted to feet dresses with different colors of pantyhose, fishnet stockings or some type of holes to the toes to come off. So … what are you waiting! Choose your girl and hire her company, only with his feet she will make you enjoy as others have not been able to do with his whole body.

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