Fantasy dress up

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Escorts dess up to unleash lust -
The costume can be a powerful tool to go with the imagination and discover some unimaginable pleasures.

Costumes and luxury escorts, is there a more explosive that combination? All men have the little curiosity of seeing their girls disguised but… What if the disguised is wearied by a woman with the body of a goddess? Such a body in an erotic outfit could be your perdition. Schoolgirl, nurse, military, Red Riding Hood or a hot teddy bear! You name it, you have it! They are there to satisfy your deepest desires and pleasures. And we assure you they will find them, thanks to their professionalism, their good work and, of course, the playful instinct that leads them to define themselves as escorts.

What we look for an escort in disguise?

We seek lust, variety in our sexual relations, making innocent fantasies come true. The world of fantasy is by definition transgressive. And some of those fantasies are supposed to be socially inappropriate. But as long as they keep being  fantasies, the imagination can cause no harm or represent any problem at all. Although it has been found that in the world of fantasy the different cultural conditioning by gender is reflected, preventing us from enjoying this practice so delicious and that so many pleasures can provide. Quite a shame, isn’t it?

Do not you want to be a transgressor? Do you not dream with a day when you could use your imagination and make it happen? Many times we cannot because the woman is not willing or she does not feel like disguising that day, but our escort girls are always available, ready and eager to have fun with you, so you never miss a good party or a sex session, the kind of you can only see in porn movies, where a goddess can fulfil all your sexual fantasies.

Do you dress up or your escort does?

You can even be more daring and risky, how? Didn’t you know that there are women who like to dress up? They usually prefer the roles that adapts better to their personalities, and you can let them wear the costume you choose for them, you they will leave you speechless.

Or you can also enjoy it, why not? All for fun and pleasure! Most women’s dream is the idea of ​​having sex with military people(they represent power, the alpha male of the group that subjets all females), with firemen (-power- uniformed, muscular saviors … just like a true Prince with royal blood), or airline pilots (for the same reasons). Thanks to this practice, our sexual relationships would have a hotter and more spicy touch.

While she is dressed as a secretary, Geisha, or she is playing the role of a nurse (quite exciting fantasy for men), she will be as hot or more than when she becomes a schoolgirl or Little Red Riding Hood, an even more when she is a policewoman. Changing the roles for a moment its quite fun and gives something different to a sexual life, and we have to take into consideration that when a fantasy is not fulfilled it becomes a source of frustration.

If we chose those female roles as objects of our fantasies is, among other things, because we tend to need introducing variety in our erotic fantasies. The variety of actors, participants, even though they usually do the same, gives a different and special feeling that is always worth a try.

Escorts with costumes and roles to please in bed

Have you ever asked your girl to play certain role to maintain a sexual encounter?

Within the world of sexual fantasies, there are some very simple and other more complex requiring more elaboration and more complicated methods.

Among the simple fantasies are those involving sex with a particular type of person, usually within a given scenario and conditioned by the role by the person in question. Just a theatre where you are the protagonist of the scene, while women surrender before you. Do not hesitate and find out your favourite escort with costume in Madrid. You can concrete the date with a single and easy call.