Escorts that speak other languages

If you feel comfortable speaking languages other than Spanish or English, you can contact through our website escorts who speak other languages.

If you want to know the language in which you can communicate with each escort, just enter their file to know the different languages they speak.

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Escorts who speak languages other than Spanish -

Because there are escorts of different nationalities in our agency, the usual thing is that they all speak at least Spanish and another language, either English or the language of their country of origin. 

We usually work with many escorts of Brazilian origin, so Portuguese is a language that you will find quite easily.

Also, it is easy to find escorts from Eastern European countries, so you can also communicate with escorts who speak russian or other Balkan languages..

You can also hire escorts who speak other European languages, like french, italian, german

Why hire an escort who speaks other languages

The fact of hiring an escort who speaks a European language is not only related to the client’s taste or preferences: if you have a work trip to a foreign country and you don’t want to go alone, it will be very helpful to travel with an escort who can communicate perfectly in the language of that country.

If, on the other hand, you have a meeting or event with a partner or client from another country, an escort with the same nationality that he can help you to look great in your presence, especially if it is one of our girls, who boast of having great beauty, general culture and education, which makes them appropriate to move even in the most exclusive environments.

Do not wait any longer and visit our girls’ profiles to know how many languages you can communicate with them, I’m sure the perfect escort for you is waiting for you here.