Escort whatsapp Madrid

These escorts are highly sought after by foreign men who are in Madrid for business or leisure and who do not have a telephone from a Spanish company, they only have their international mobile.

For this type of client it is difficult to communicate by phone call since international phone calls to Spanish phones are usually very expensive.

In addition, another reason why foreign clients prefer to communicate with escorts in Madrid via whatsapp is because of the language.  Many of them don’t speak Spanish or don’t speak it at all. And sometimes they see an advertisement for an escort they like but she doesn’t speak English or any other language. When this happens it is very difficult to close an appointment with an escort.

In these cases whatsapp gives many facilities. Using the many translators that exist on the Internet allows two people, client and escort, to understand each other perfectly without knowing a word of the language spoken by the other person.

Our escort agency Madrid accepts whatsapp

If you are one of these people who has problems with the Spanish language or have an international mobile and calls to Spanish numbers are very expensive or simply have blocked, you are in luck, as in our luxury escort agency in Madrid “Tus Mejores Momentos” we accept to arrange your appointment with one of our escorts through messages from whatsapp. Our number to contact by whatsapp is. +34 698502150

However, we only accept messages from whatsapp, never video-calls through whatsapp.

Through this system we can give you all the information you need about the escort of our website that you liked (schedules, prices, services, …) and once you agree to hire the service there are two options: That you go to the private flat of the lady or that she goes to see you at your hotel.

In case you decide that the lady moves to your hotel and once you have all the information you need via whatsapp, we will call the hotel and talk to you in the room, only with the intention of confirming that you are really staying in that hotel and that room.

Once this check is done we will send the escort to your hotel within approximately one hour.

Cheer up and send us a whatsapp asking for information about the escort you liked. We will be delighted to help you.

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What is an escort whatsapp in Madrid? Because it is very simple, it is simply a luxury escort in Madrid who accepts to close their appointments with clients through whatsapp without the need for a phone call.