Erotic shower with escorts in Madrid

All escorts offer an erotic shower service with their clients to get to know and excite them, thus starting a game of lust. You can also explore the escort and play her passionately as a preamble to the appointment. Think of this moment: under a big stream of hot water where your mind clears and your muscles relax. If in addition to this we add some aromatic candles and good company, the result is fantastic.

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How to start the perfect date with your luxury escort?

The best way is with the erotic shower between you and your luxury escort. This shower is the perfect preamble to start that lustful encounter, where distances are shortened and games and first contacts begin. Nothing better than the previous excitement and the stimulation of the senses in their most diverse ways to reach an intense orgasm. Sex in the shower offers you one of the most rewarding experiences. In the erotic shower everything is pleasure, relaxation and eroticism. Your luxury escort will play sensually with water and soap to excite you and stimulate your imagination. You will be splashed with mischief and you will start a very erotic and sensual game.

Enjoy the best preliminaries…

The erotic shower can be one of the best preliminaries with your luxury escort. Taking a shower together where the warm water is your ally will get you a thousand sensations, which will only be the beginning of an exciting sexual encounter. In the same way, it is a perfect way for those who give more importance to the hygiene of their occasional lovers, enjoying at the same time a game that will surely end in the unbridled sexual act, and that will probably become your favorite. Nothing better than preliminary excitement, stimulation of the senses without inhibitions to achieve an intense orgasm. Thus, the erotic shower offers you one of the most rewarding experiences since steam and water pressure join caresses, kisses and bites.

Do you prefer a sensual foam bath?

If it already seemed to you that the shower is an exciting game full of lust, what would you think if your luxury escort added a sensual foam bath with aphrodisiac scents and candlelight? This service is increasingly provided by luxurious escorts. They invite their lovers to relax in this atmosphere that awakens even the most dormant emotions and sensations. The foam bath serves for relaxation if you come tired or stressed, your escort will take care of relaxing you with gentle massages under the foam, taking you to a state of total enjoyment.

Share an erotic shower with a beautiful escort

There is no doubt that the erotic shower is a preliminary out of the ordinary, leaving aside the routine of the room and the bed. Share an erotic shower with a beautiful escort and it will be one of the most unforgettable and pleasurable moments you can live. Just imagine it will contribute to increase eroticism and sensuality. Break the ice in this magical place and give free rein to your sexual fantasies with your luxurious companion.