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Double sessions with escorts in Madrid to enjoy its services -
If you want to enjoy the intimate encounter with our bitches in our agency you will find the sexual double session services.


Nothing like daring with a threesome to stop with diary stress routine. Our escorts are experienced in this particular matter, and the most seductive ladies will make a perfect tandem just to seduce you and make you reach the perfect orgasm, something we’re sure you have always dreamed with.

They succeed in making you feeling at home from the first moment and making you enjoy this unique experience in a way that you had never imagined. A new way to contemplate sex that will leave you speechless and will make you forget once and for all about any taboo or prejudice you may have. Just to make you surrender to the pure pleasure guided by two elegant and explosive ladies, an experience that will be hard to forget. The greatest luxury and the most torrid sensuality are finally within reach thanks to this funny and exciting sexual mode that most customers do not doubt in repeating again and again. No one gets tired of it.

Among the threesome, there is a mode called duplex, a very interesting and specific modality for men, men who, of course, are just looking for the best of the best. The so-called duplex possesses great possibilities for fun and excitement. This practice, although unfortunately for men, far less popular than it should be, is based on a single premise. And this premise is that there is one single protagonist in receiving pleasure. Guess who? Yeah exactly! Only you! This is one of those experiences that always leave a special aftertaste, something unforgettable.

2 women just for yourself

Have you ever thought how would it be having two women dancing naked for you? Our exclusive escorts will do that and more, much more.

They will kiss each other just for you, slowly undress and seduce you until you can’t stand it anymore. And then, it will be when you will decide which whom you prefer to sleep with, which whom start or, if you prefer both performing you oral sex, leaving you into a total and absolute satisfaction.

A sexual threesome called duplex

As you are about to discover, the Duplex is the terminology that refers to a sexual practice involving two women and one man, it is under the category of sexual threesome. Some examples of what you can practice include:

You can penetrate one of them while the other will do oral sex to you just to keep you turned on. So when you ride her, when you touch her, it will feel like heaven.

You can also receive oral sex from one of them as you play your part with the other, so all three of you will enjoy the same pleasure at the same time, so that when the time to take action comes all of you will be at the same point, such a hot zone from which you will not want to escape. You will not wish to be anywhere else.

Or as mentioned before, it can also be centered on the double fellatio, a practice of oral sex where two women at the same time stimulate the testicles and penis of a man. Causing huge waves of pleasure at the same time and fulfilling a fantasy that surely you’ve had. Two women practicing fellatio, we do not believe that there is anything more wonderful and enjoyable than that.

Like many others, the origins of this sexual practice are imprecise and go far back in time, no fewer than two millennia, to the heyday of Greek and Roman civilization where sex was an essential part of social relations, and where many less concerned about the sexual plane. Who has not seen or read about the festivities and pleasures enjoyed by our ancestors?

Are you sure you do not want to enjoy as much as they did?

Because I do. Do not hesitate and hire two exclusive escorts for you alone. They are responsible for getting you to the ecstasy and make you want to repeat again and again, because, let’s face it, once you’ve  tried it, any sexual relationship will not ever be the same for you and you will want to repeat again and again this experience It will become part of your memories forever.