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We all know the characteristics of a woman’s body that make it more or less attractive, such as breasts, ass, legs, lips, etc…. but the question is: Does the color of the skin influence that it is more or less desirable sexually?

The answer is “Yes”, obviously yes. And the most obvious proof is the black skinned women, in our sector, the black escorts.

It is clear that this is even more important than the other features of the woman’s body. There are men who as soon as they see an escort of color they don’t notice anything else, the rest don’t care, if she’s black they like her very much and she excites them sexually.

On the other hand, there are others who just because their skin is black, they are no longer attracted to it, even though the rest of the features are exciting and beautiful.

Men are divided into two groups:

  • Those who love black women
  • Those who don’t like black women

There is no middle ground.

Black, mulatto and white

When you hire an escort in almost all the specialized internet portals you can filter the search by the escort’s skin color, so that if you are looking for a black escort you can see all the colored girls together to make it easier for you to choose.

You have to be very clear before starting your search what your tastes are and what you want to hire.  And if you are clear that you are sexually attracted to women of color, go ahead and look for the one you like the most.

escort de piel negra desnuda. JanetThere are traits in black women that make them more sexually attractive than white women. The highlight is usually their ass, not because it’s bigger or smaller, but because they usually have a very hard and upstanding ass, I think this is something genetic. And another important distinguishing feature is the lips. Black women have very sexy, full lips that are very attractive to men.

Having said all this, we recommend that if you have never tried sex with a black escort you should do it, because you might be surprised and like it more than you thought.

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