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Black kiss. Had you ever heard such a simple and, at the same time, able to blush even the bravest of men expression? But do you really know what it is or have you imagined how it feels? Surely you’ve thought about it and questioned yourself about it.

The male G-point

It’s funny that something as sweet as a kiss, simply based on touch or pressure made with the lips, if made in a special part of the body, can become so pleasant. Because, make no mistake, a kiss on the cheek or the mouth is accepted by society but… there are much more types of kisses. Some well-known and some less, and some more practiced than others, but as always, in the sexual realm there is no limits, and everything you can imagine now you can do thanks to our authentic luxury escorts in madrid.

The black kiss is a sexual practice that involves the practice of kissing with lips and tongue (if I want) the anal area. For many people it is a taboo, especially for men, but remember that men have very stimulant points around these areas that normally we wouldn’t dare to stimulate wouldn’t allow others to do so, probably due to social taboos. As always, they are not very healthy.

Next to this area we can find the perineum and even the male G-point, the two areas that, while not usually stimulated, either because of embarrassment or other reasons, are the most erogenous from those which can be found in a man’s body. What a waste not to take advantage, don’t you think? Therefore those men who had have the fortune of ”risking” to try it, were astonished and very much excited.

Besides being hard to find, (when a man wants to try this) it is even more difficult to find a woman who wants to do it. Although I do not know if it is more difficult putting the issue on the table when someone is curious about the topic or really perform it in the practice. It is still a very taboo subject in our society, but gradually, as almost everywhere, we go step by step. Slow but safe.

Make your fantasies come true

If this is any of your cases, please look at the photos of our spectacular luxury escorts and choose one. You know why? Because they are outgoing, daring and, above all, the rare kind of women who enjoy everything in sex. The thing that turn them on is to see how his companion, meaning,  you, enjoys like crazy while they make your fantasies come true, and they go to where they have to, just to achieve your sexual satisfaction, of course, always thanks to the professionalism and good work.

The important thing here is that you want to try it at least once, because if you wish, our escort girls will make you happy, they will make you reach the orgasm and come back to repeat. When you feel their tongue licking softly your hot spots, exciting them and taking them to its peak you will never want them to stop and you’d wonder why you never dared to try it before.

There are a lot of sexual practices that you know or have heard about but not dare to try. A big mistake, in our opinion, because life is made to be enjoyed, as well as sex, which offers so much joy, and enjoy it just a half, beset by prejudices and negative thoughts does not seem a great way to take advantage of your sexual life. It’s time to get it, letting out all your hidden fantasies, because when you talk about sex, you do not know what awaits just around the corner, and there are a lot of new techniques that you have not certainly tried and, that, for sure, you are going to love.

So do not hesitate, see the photos above the text, choose the girl who adapts more to your personal likings and enjoy unlimitedly with a woman come from a dream.

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