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Enjoy the best anal sex with the escorts of our agency

Enjoy the best anal sex with escorts of our agency in Madrid.

The more forbidden or taboo is something, the more we like to do it, is a simple fact that can be applied to any person, whether male or female, regardless of their emotional status (single or couple), the question is that the more difficult of perform our fantasy, more willingly are we seeking to fulfill it. Everyone likes a little the forbidden.

Many women are reluctant to try anal sex or have tried and were not of his liking but this is not what happen to our girls. Our exclusive escorts are outgoing and liberal women who like to try new things, and anal sex is one of those things that if you try it once, you repeat with it. In addition, the more you practice most enjoyable the thing is. Our girls do it, because anal sex is wonderful to enjoy for them, nearly as much as it will be for you to do it to them.

If our luxury escorts didn’t have a great time performing these practices, it would not be the most demanded service, that for granted.

Considerations for anal sex

The most important thing to keep in mind to do anal sex is that each person knows himself best and this tips are not to be followed just for the sake of it, but adapt them to your needs so that your anal sex is fully satisfactory and that nothing  clouds your experience.

The points to consider are:

  • Relaxation: You have to be relaxed to do it and of course, she too! But why, do not worry, our luxury escorts are experts in the subject.
  • You must use lubrication to facilitate penetration.
  • Begin gentle and with no hurries, let your luxury whore adapt to your member.
  • Let her decide when she wants it harder.

Main reasons for the success of anal sex

But … why men love it so much? Here a few reasons:

The diameter of the anus is somewhat smaller than the vagina, causing increased pressure and friction on the penis, which enhances pleasure in men, also in the girl’s ass and that is just something that every men loves. We all want our girl having a gorgeous ass and this is not easy to find. That is why we want to penetrate it so hard.

Meanwhile, preparing the anus for penetration is very erotic and pleasurable. You have to lubricate it well, take oils, let your fingers play while the sexy escort you have chosen, purrs like a kitten for you. Also another reason that anal sex is practiced is just to get out of the routine and what better place to leave the country when the borders are right next to it… Always so close, ever so forbidden…

Anal sex seems to have become fashionable among straight people, but it is difficult to find an escort to perform such services. Therefore, we have assembled in one place to all those who perform anal sex in Madrid. So you do not have to spend a minute to look over a enormous list of candidates that are of your liking. They’re all close together and waiting as a real lover would, willing to sleep with you.

If you are a fan of this kind of sex service or want to try it and have new sexual experiences, you can now do with any of the escorts of this section, all of them very professional and enjoying their job so much that it will surprise you pleasantly, they will leave you speechless once you’ve tried. Our girls are a sure guarantee of success, you cannot miss.

In EscortporMadrid we have professional prostitutes, anal sex experts, luxury woman which can cope with anything and always making you the main character of the story. You will make the fantasy you’ve been waiting for so long come true, even if you have already tried, you will remember equally. Sure you would like and want to repeat. Practice anal sex with your ideal escort and do not let this fantasy unfulfilled, You will not regret it.

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