4 hands massage with escort in Madrid

In a good erotic massage to 4 hands the happy end is assured. Two exclusive escorts will caress and touch your whole body at the same time, with synchronized movements that will make you relieve all the tension of your muscles, finishing in your most erogenous zones until you reach a moment of exclusive pleasure.

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What is a four-hand massage?

Two escorts, perfectly coordinated, put their hands at your disposal to produce in you a sensation of deep well-being. We assure you that after trying such a pleasant experience, you will not want another type of massage. This massage is based on the philosophy of Ayurveda, an ancient Indian medicinal system. The wisdom that emanates from the Ayurvedic tradition is very recognized and considered within the field of holistic medicine and stands out for its constant search for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance. In the 4 hands massage the escorts can work symmetrically, performing both the same movements as if they were reflecting in a mirror or, asymmetrical, dedicating each of them to a specific area.

Benefits of the massage with 4 hands

This technique doubles the benefits of standard massage, and the feeling of well-being and relaxation is total. These massages are especially indicated for people suffering from stress, insomnia and anxiety. Apart from its relaxing benefits, this therapy also activates the circulatory system, making the blood flow more easily and benefits the lymphatic system, favoring the elimination of toxins present in the body. In addition, if you have muscular and joint pains, you will feel immediate and lasting relief.

Physical and mental well-being

The 4 hands massage is a very complete therapy on a physical level from the point of view of prevention and recovery. At this point, all the benefits of Thai Massage practice are doubled when two therapists coordinate to fully meet the needs of each client. When the massage is done with four hands, the benefits are reflected in all forms, since different intensities and pressures are combined in a dual way. As a consequence, they produce a notable improvement in the circulatory system, increasing the flexibility of the joints, favouring muscular tone and strengthening the bones. In addition, the 4 hands massage helps us eliminate toxins through lymphatic drainage, improving the health of our body and balancing our skin. All this without forgetting the relationship between deep relaxation that reduces the level of cortisol and has a positive effect on the quality of sleep. On the other hand, from the mental point of view. If you find it hard to relax when you go to a massage session, this therapy is undoubtedly right for you. Little by little you will forget the emotional barriers that unite you to the physical reality and you will let yourself be carried away until achieving a full state and complete harmony.

Enjoy your massage with two escorts in Madrid

Enjoy an authentic erotic massage with 4 hands. This is a unique experience in which two escort masseurs caress and massage your whole body to make you reach unknown limits of pleasure. Try the 4 hands massage with aromatic oils that lubricate the entire body so that the sliding of the hands of the two escorts get maximum relaxation.

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