Caresses, glances, rubs, hugs … All sexual relationships start slowly, and one of the main things is that it begins with a kiss. It is therefore important to know how to kiss, first kiss is the first step in what will follow, you can even gain someone with your kisses.

If you do it right, the rest will be smooth as silk. Besides helping in sex, we all like to give good kisses.


How to be a good kisser

To learn how to give a good kiss, and how women like them, we wanted to ask some escorts of our escort agency in Madrid what is for them a good kiss and so take some small conclusions about how it would be the perfect kiss.

Thanks to their experience as a professional escorts these tips are very valuable to us.


Tips from our agency escorts

Aprende a besar

First of all, you need to think about the lips. This is the first contact when you give a kiss and the first impression is important. For most of our escorts it is important to keep lips moist (without going over, but not dry). Therefore, before starting to kiss, be sure to moisten your lips a little to slide sensually, dry lips will not move equally well. And that it is pretty important.

So without thinking it twice, moisten your lips discreetly before giving a good kiss.


At first everything must go slowly and gently. Establish a first eye contact and then close your eyes: nobody likes to open his eyes and find the other person watching, or have the feeling that the other one has her eyes open… say that makes it very cold, and does not give passion to the kiss. Therefore, just close your eyes and focus on the kiss.


And then… it begins with a soft, sophisticated kiss, not violently, with the mouth closed. Do not rush, and gradually start opening your lips slowly. Take her lower lip between yours to urge her desire, then your lips on hers. Savor the moment and enjoy the kiss from her lips. A first contact slowly becoming a French kiss. Beware if you bite her lip a little, there is small difference between giving a pinch and bite, and you don’t want to spoil this moment.




El beso francés

In the French kiss, the tongue is the key. What we like most about kisses. Start exploring with your tongue, play with it in a sensual way, first slowly and intermittently, and gradually in a longer and deeper way, the tongue is very sensitive, and the simple fact of touching it is very stimulating and produces pleasure. Make small, gentle and groove movements. Do not try to make your tongue to reach deepest part of the throat…

Enjoy the French kiss slowly and explore her tongue. Try not to do always the same, vary like acceleration and deceleration, quick kiss, slow, longer or shorter, soft, relaxed, passionate…

And very important to complete the perfect kiss: touching and gently caressing parts of her body. Use your hands to caress her, gently touching her face, cheeks, stroking her hair, take her hand behind her neck… or even take her hand or put yours in her waist. All in a very sensual way, without sudden movements.

Sometimes without realizing it, you are so focused on the kiss that the rest of your body stays still, without participating in the game. This will give you much more passion in the kiss, but do this always in a sensual mood, soft and sensual. Also move your head very slightly and naturally.


El mejor beso

Imagen de

Of course, you can try all this by kissing other parts of the body. Virtually anywhere it is good to slip your kisses in.

Not to overlook certain places such as the abdomen, the inside of the thighs, the fingertips… each one of them are good places to cover with kisses, but of course there are many more sites that already depend on you, you have to explore the whole body seeking for pleasure. Try to find out by the expressions of your partner how she likes it more and how less.

Thus, the same advices we have discussed above can be applied to any other area of ​​the body.

Try the kisses of our escorts

Now imagine all this with an escort as Victoria, and just the thought you’ll want to start testing. A beautiful smile that will captivate you, a mouth you could not stop kissing.

Victoria is one of those gorgeous escorts, very involved with her lovers. And as a kisser, she is an expert… she will make you tremble just kissing your whole body.

In our escort agency in Madrid, most escorts include among its services the mouth kissing, something that many men ask about because there are many other escorts in Madrid that do not perform such services. Just enter the webpage of your favorite escort and look at the services she performs.

These are just some tips to start enjoying better sex, how it ends, it’s up to you…


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