There are many myths about prostitution in Spain, many of which have to do with the legal situation and the fact that whether it is legal or not to hire the services of luxury prostitutes, no matter if we speak of enjoying these services on the street, in whorehouses or through professional escorts agencies as in the case of escort’s agencies such as escortpormadrid.

Well, today we will inform you of all these legal peculiarities so you can make a consequent and informed decision when you want to put into practice all your fantasies and you wanted to know different women who can offer different sexual pleasures that you are used to enjoy.

It is legal to hire escorts?

It is often thought that the fact of hiring prostitution services of any kind is strictly illegal and, by extension, one who does it is committing crimes in one way or another. Something that in some countries is actually illegal and punishable by law as in the UK and in other countries like New Zealand is totally legal.

In Spain there is a regulation that do not consider prostitution itself a crime, but if those individuals that force, extort or blackmail women to devote to it, besides paying attention to this practice by minors, which is totally illegal.

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Special attention is paid to this fictitious barrier of adultness, especially considering harmful the fact of exhibiting or forcing somehow to persons who have not attained 18 years, but out of this alone, provided it is done in a voluntary and conscious way, there is nothing illegal that professional agencies need to face.

Truth be told, professional escort agencies perform tasks of representation and advertising management, facilitating contact between users of prostitution services and professionals escorts who lend themselves to this type of services in a fully aware and informed manner.

Of course some will always try to break the rules and this business is not without mafias and organizations that develop their activities outside the law; that is why we always recommend that you seek all kinds of additional information, in forums and related websites and through any source you have available to compare all kinds of opinions so you could be aware at all times that everything you are doing and the services you are about to enjoy are completely legal and consented by the woman in front of you.

The reality of hiring escorts

The truth is that in Spain, for a woman, is perfectly legal to exert prostitution and escort services, provided that she does not do so under duress or by force, it means that every girl you could meet at an escort agency need to be fully aware of what she is doing and the services she is providing.

Which of course luxury and professional escorts know perfectly, being fully aware of why they dedicate their lives to this exigent business.


For many professional escorts, the fact of engaging in this work is like any other method of living and being able to meet all expenses that a normal live involves. Being very sexually active women and also having a sexual attraction well above the average, they decide in a completely voluntarily way to give a chance to this business and get a livelihood while enjoying the most interesting experiences with gentlemen of all types and social status.

Right now it is when professional agencies come to play, managing these contacts and facilitating these as possible, avoiding many problems to the girls and getting them to save a lot of time just taking care of their ads, processing all their contacts and dates, ensuring that these are not jokes of any kind and that may come to fruition.

In conclusion we can say that it is legal to hire the services of professional escorts in Spain, even if done through escort agencies, but you always have to be fully aware that these agencies are completely legal and do not employ girls using force or any form of coercion, paying particular attention and if they are above age, because that is particularly illegal in countries like Spain.

A legal regulation in escortpormadrid we strictly comply, as all professional escorts and escorts who work with us do so in a fully aware and informed way, being them the ones who turn to agencies like ours looking for an easy way to combine this business with a normal life of study or work, to get and earn extra money that allows them to maintain a standard of living commensurating with their elegance and personal style.



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