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In order to have even a better time, let’s talk about the hottest positions of the Kama Sutra, and thus leave aside the monotony and try new things for those of you who haven’t already tried them. A new world of sexual experiences is waiting for you.

Postures for oral sex

The two most common postures for sex are:

  • The 69: The position of oral sex par excellence. Known to all, this position consist in given oral pleasure to the other persona, rolling bodies so that the genitals of our couple meet our mouth and vice versa. The rest you know how it works.
    Postura sexual sexo oral 69

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Then there are variations depending on where you put 69 into practice.

  • The king’s throne: another Kamasutra posture that helps us to enjoy oral sex. To do it, one of the two of the couple should lay dow  and the other sits on his face. Both men and women can occupy the lower position.


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 Postures with him over her

  • The dragonfly: The woman lies face down while he does the same over her. She raises a leg so he can have better access and rests it on his hip. Take this time to tell her everything you want, because your mouth will be closer to her ear.
Sexo postura libelula

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  • The screw: One of the most exciting positions for women, allowing you to reach the orgasm more easily through the friction produced in the clitoris during penetration. In this position, she lies in bed with knees bent and kept them aside. Meanwhile, with him on the edge of the bed, the action begins.
Postura sexual el tornillo

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Postures with her over him

  • The armchair: The man sits leaning back with legs bent, try to find a comfortable place to support your back. She sits between your legs and chest, with legs sustained on the boy’s shoulders.
    Postura de la medusa
  • The jellyfish:The position of the jellyfish is one of the most romantic ones. It is a position that allows us to be in whole contact body with body so it’s highly recommended for lovers. For this position we will leave you an image to enlighten. A variation of the position of the jellyfish that you will enjoy double is the man squatting. That may provide a rocking movement back and up front, something quite exciting to do.

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