Oral se is one of the most desired things about sex by every men. All escorts use to offer the deepblowjob service due to the great demand from masculine public. Whether it is for starting or finishing the night in the best way possible, receiving a fellatio is always a good way.

preparación felación perfecta

Oral sex is an art, and luxury escorts have their own weapons to be the best at it and let all men fascinated with their skill. So, we wanted to ask all luxury escorts in Madrid working with our agency how the perfect fellatio would be. With which things men enjoy most and what make them want to repeat the experience.

The best about oral sex is how many different things you can do. Different ways to use the mouth, positions, changes of pace… and what men like above all are all those changes.

Tips for a perfect Blowjob

These are some things you should take into consideration when trying to provide with the perfect fellatio:

  • Help yourself with your hands

    Normally the penis does not enter entirely in the mouth, so in addition to using the mouth to make the blowjow, help yourself with your hands. In addition, certain movements can get to reach feelings like the penis is completely inside the mouth.

  • The sucking

    For many, this is something vital when performing oral sex, what causes them more pleasure. According some esperts in deep blowjobs, it has to be done just with the first 4 cm of the penis. But of course if you don’t know the man very well it’s better to try different things and check upon his reactions, what excites him more so you can give him maximum pleasure.


  • Use different parts of the tongue

    With the mouth we can do many things and cause different types of feelings. For the perfect fellatio you must play with that. Using the back of the tongue gives a different feeling, or the tongue fully stretched licking like an ice cream all over the penis. You can even rub against the front of the teeth (carefully, with every other part you can hurt your lover); that can also be very exciting. Feel different things is what makes anyone crazy when performing oral sex. And besides being very enjoyable for him is also more fun for her. Think about what you can do differently with your mouth, using the lips, blowing… each every one of those things cause different sensations, and all very pleasant.


felaciones con la lengua


  • Changes in the pace

    Something very important for sex in general and of course for oral sex as well. The changes in the pace can make you crazy with pleasure. Start with fast movements, then slow, even faster after that… Playing with that gives the matter some extra action.

Getting ready for a fellatio

Having good oral sex of course depends also on the man. And it is that with our gesturing, appeareance, or attitude when can make the woman to have more desire to practice a fellatio to us, and of course that will cause her to do better or less better…

Por ello también, nuestras escorts han querido decirnos como les gusta que sean los hombres en el momento de  y que les incita más para tener buen sexo oral con ellos. Cosas como:

  • Be well prepared: The area we are talking about must be neat, do not take the girl back for something like that.
  • When you are done try not to make her hair dirty. It looks something insignificant for men but it’s not for women.

Sexo limpio

  • Get ready to try new things: If you’re going to do it with a professional escort expert in oral sex ask her to surprise you, but you have to be prepared for everything. For example? She can try taking a menthol candy, you’ll be amazed of the sensations you’ll get, or try new positions. Oral sex is something you do not always have to do standing or kneeling. Use your imagination and try to let her lying in bed on her back with her head out of the bed and the man standing, so it may be him who marks the rhythm. Or why not …make a 69! Both enjoying with the same can be a very special experience…
  • Do you carry condoms? Many women will get cold feet if you’re not prepared… if you have an appointment with an escort you do not have to worry since they are always prepared with condoms for their lovers; If you want oral sex without a condom, you are looking for escorts performing deep blowjob service. Almost every one of them offers this service and that is because this is one of the most coveted services offered in the world of sex.

For true lovers of oral sex, they have never enjoyed the most of this practice if they never enjoyed a deep blowjob until the end. Some luxury escorts are requested just for that. Not every escort can do it, so if you find an escort offering deep blowjob until the end, don’t hesitate and call her to try it. You will live an unique experience, very hot and designed for every sex lover. That would be the perfect way of having the perfect blowjob.


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