Everyone has ever had sexual fantasies of all kinds. From fantasize about a particular person, to normal situations that excite us…

The results of a study made by the University of Granada showed that almost 100 % of men and women have experienced some sexual fantasy throughout his life. Women fantasize more frequently with more intimate or romantic relationships, men dream with different sexual activities, such as group sex with other couples, threesomes, orgies…

Fantasía sexual hombres

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Most common sexual fantasies among men

One of the most used sexual fantasies of men is having sex with other people who are not their partner. Here come the fantasies with famous people women in this case, which often are used.

Oral sex is another sexual situation that most men dream with. A woman providing you with oral pleasure while she enjoys it. They also fantasize about giving them that pleasure. Oral sex is one of the most common fantasies of both men and women.

Another thing that turn men on is a dream about having sex with two women, which you can now make true with our escorts Samantha and Yasmin. If you also add a touch of a lesbic experience a man can die out of pleasure.

Many men also enjoy the fantasy in which they look how other couples have sex. In reality many couples would not dare to have sex if they know they are being watched, so it is a rather popular fantasy.

The most popular fantasy is that in which you can see how your partner masturbates for you.


BDSM as a sexual fantasy

BDSM is one of the erotic dreams most commonly fantasized by both genres, a forced sexual relationship free from any kind of pain. Women usually prefer to be the dominating one, the mistress as occurs with our BDSM expert Aitana. However men dream with being the dominated one, with a powerful woman taking control over their acts and feelings in order to give them the pleasure they are looking for.

Sado fantasía sexual

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Most common sexual fantasies for women

Among women, the most common fantasies are fantasies with a partner, the things they would like to do with the person they currently are in a relationship, which is someone achievable.

But the second most common fantasy among women is to be challenged by someone who is not your partner. Many confess that those dreams are with someone from the past, a love that went through his life and like to remember. But they also enjoy thinking about having sex with strangers.

Surprisingly to some, also they fantasize about other women, to try new things like threesomes, watch or being watched, that is something really exciting for women…

Just as men do, they also think about oral sex to fantasize and reach orgasm faster.

But of course, we have to talk about romantic sex. Besides being a quite common fantasy it is also the one they are more likely to confess, as previous fantasies seem to be not as accepted as this one and they are even ashamed to confess that they fantasize about a threesome or performing oral sex.

Make your sexual fantasy come true

Thanks to sexual fantasies we can escape from day to day reality and we can imagine ourselves with our ideal man or woman, doing those things we are not used to do. From our escort agency in Madrid we offer you the possibility of achieving one of these fantasies with the girl of your dreams. Visit our webpage and take a look at our escorts in Madrid, you will be able to see the girl you have been always looking for. Besides, she will make you fulfil those fantasies and hidden dreams.

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