experiencia sado en MadridSado and Escorts are two words not always related one to another. But if you really look for a sado experience in Madrid you won’t find any trouble in finding an escort providing with this particular service.

Hiring the services of a company lady doesn’t mean that such lady performs every service just in the bed. Not every escort can offer you every sexual service there is and of course that includes sado or BDSM services. But the ones doing so offer an extra for those clients looking to go beyond in the world of sex. That is the key to choose an escort from another.

This way, sado escorts can look after more clients, those seeking for sado services. There is always more and more people triying to find new experiences with a professional prostitute that is, an escort.

Sado or BDSM consists in feeling pleasure by domination while having sex. Within that category there is various levels of intensity, such as light sado, something you should take into consideration when hiring the services of an escort.

Whether you know what sado is or you do, is best to ask us when you call. All escorts offering this service are true professionals and can give you some advices in order to find exactly what you’re looking for.

There are different roleplays for each member of the couple. While performing sado there is a dominant one and a submissive one. Sado lovers want to be dominated by an imposing woman and that is what most escorts do. In fact there are escorts who will only accept this service if they can dominate, so don’t forget it.




Be the new Grey with a luxury escort

After the famous series of books 50 shadows of Grey, sado has become a common fantasy of women and men. It was already there, but the movies and books have somehow awaken this feeling on many people.

But just few dare to make this fantasy come true, given that sado is something quite rare and socially is not considered something entirely “normal” within sex. A situation that may change if we start thinking about it as it is: something more normal than it looks like. At least they have achieved to make people talk about it in a less shy way.

Something you could learn is that you can enjoy with sado practices, just to change things i your sexual life. It is that experiencing different paths can make you different so we stronly advice you to dare trying new stuff, in sex and in your life as well.

Sado con escorts

For those who now dream of being able to feel like the new Grey, to know what it feels when one is dominated or when you are the master within the roles of sado, an escort is one of the best options to try it.

Even if you already consider yourself an expert, you might dare with two escorts at once. Would you be able to master two young luxury escorts? Do you imagine yourself being dominated by two stunning women and enjoying a whole hour of sex with them?

Shyness or the fact that it is a taboo subject, can make men not to dare even to propose this to his regular partner. But hiring an escort through a phone call or via internet can help us overcome that first step. The fact of dealing with an unknown woman, knowing that our privacy will always be preserved, can help us lose that fear or shame that might arise in such situations.

Perhaps, a few years ago, sado has lost some of that reputation as “psychological problem” that unfortunately many believed. Just enjoying this kind of experience can be a healthy way of enriching our sexual lives.


Sado escorts in Madrid

Madrid is a modern, cosmopolitan city. It is a city where you can find many sex shops where you could buy toys, strip clubs… and of course more than one store dedicated to sado. You can find all kinds of accessories to enjoy a different and very special night.

And, of course, it has some of the best luxury agencies in the country and you can have the best luxury whores of all nationalities offering different types of services… If you’re in Madrid and have a fancy for sado practices or just want to try this new experience, you can count on some of the best escorts in the city.

Ama en el sado

From the website of our exclusive escort agency EscortporMadrid, you can filter the escort ads you can see on our home page by the type of service they can provide you with, so you can see only the ads of ladies performing sado services. An easier and quicker way to find your ideal escort if you already know what you want.

If you’re new to this, we will recommend you the best escorts, the girls with more experience in this; those who know how to deal with men who want to enjoy sado for the first time. Best for you to enter this world in a way that will make you feel comfortable, relaxed and above all, the pleasure of being dominated by an true goddess.


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