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My name is Alicia and I am Spanish, and as you can see in my photos I am an elegant and classy blonde woman. I am that kind of woman that everyone looks at when passing by on the street because of my elegance and my sensual way of dressing. Now I have decided to look around here for escorts to have fun, have a good time and enjoy life. I offer myself as a companion for men, couples and women, I am open to everything. Just make a call or send a whatsapp and we can get to know each other. It’s time to have fun in company.

I am one of the best Spanish escorts you can find in Madrid. Do not miss this opportunity and come to meet me.

About meHobbiesInformationAreaAvailability
Name Alicia
Phone number (+34) 671 116 191
Nationality Spanish escort
Age 35
Height 1.62
Hair Blonde escort
Profession Commercial technician
Eye colour Blue

liberal atmosphere locals
erotic massages
Company to couples
kisses and caresses
Company to women
Going out for drinks

Languages: Spanish
City: Madrid, 28036

Alicia moves in Madrid in the area of:


28036 – Madrid

escorts to hotels
Travels around Spain
Travels aroud Europe
Travels around the world

Blonde escort with exuberant body

I am a blonde, slender, slim woman with an exuberant body. I love to be always well groomed with elegant and somewhat flashy clothes. I like to be looked at. I have a beautiful blonde hair that I take good care of.

I like fashion, my dream is to be a clothing designer. I love shopping in the best clothing stores in Madrid and try on all kinds of dresses and lingerie.

I have a wasp waist and a slender body that makes all the clothes fit me well and highlight the beauty of my figure.

Lover of a good party

I offer you the pleasant and fun company of a luxury escort who loves fun and all kinds of parties. I like to have fun with men, women and couples who date me, that’s why I am an extroverted woman with whom you will immediately gain confidence. Five minutes after our date we will be intimate.

If you like to spend unforgettable nights I assure you that the ones you spend with me will be, let’s go out to enjoy the night of Madrid. We will end up with such a special complicity that we will be friends from that moment.

Let’s try, I for my part am waiting impatiently.

If you are looking for something else, I am willing to listen to your proposals.

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