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I am Nina, an escort in Madrid with many desire of knowing yourself. A luxury bitch, brown and most handsome of face and luxury young. I am a student and take care of my body and my mind everything what I can. With you I will have to the side a bilingual woman, with good conversation and that offers the best erotic massages of Madrid. I am the whole profesional of the pleasure, do you want to verify it?

A liberal girl, anxious to make your dreams real, we will be capable of coming to the maximum pleasure of the way that always you have dreamed. If your these arranged to everything, I also.

About meServicesInformationAreaAvailability
Name Nina
Phone numer (+34) 91 141 34 55
Nationality Spanish escort
Age 26
Height 1,71
Measures 95-62-92
Hair brown hair escort
Profession Erotic masseuse and luxury escort
eyes colour black eyes
Natural boobs or Operated boobs natural boobs
Price 1 hour: 200 euros
Other options: to consult

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Languages: Spanish, perfect english (bilingual), Basic Italian, basic German (studying)
City: Madrid, 28020

Nina can receive you in an apartment prived in a privileged zone of the capital and of the best communicated ones since it is Nuevos Ministerios. A very discreet place in that to enjoy a perfect appointment in total intimacy.

If you prefer it she can move up to your room of hotel in cardinal Madrid coordinating the appointment with only an hour of anticipation, or it can move up to your apartment if it is more removed since can be Coslada or  Majadahonda. Though in these cases the escorts will need approximately two hours to come in time.

For it and for his punctuality, we possess a private chauffeur that to take charge taking it to the displacements.

I am a masseuse VIP, a luxury for all those men lovers of the pleasure across all the senses, and it is that the massages are my especialdad. A professional escort in massages tantric, body-body, erotic, etc … since besides to the world of the sex I have devoted myself to the massages in specialized centers where beside learning I have taken a lot of experience.

Massages VIP and much more

I am an luxury escort besides professional masseur. Not only I offer relaxing massages if not that I can announce a new world of pleasure across them. I do all kinds of massages in Madrid, so if these hereabouts not pueder to get lost it.

Inside the massages there are different specialities, which you can choose to the taste or if you prefer it you can stop take yourself for my, I am capable of giving to every man what searches in every moment. Professional massages full of eroticism, sensuality and pleasure that can lead you to an orgasm without having if it wants penetration.

But not only massages the men enjoy that estan with me. Since escort professional I am one of the best and my delivery will not be absent in each and every of the services that I offer. According to my lovers, you cannot get lost my natural blowjob till the end, one of the things that according to them is the best that have never tried. If you look for the pleasure in every sense, I can give you everything for what you look.

Natural blowjob till the end my speciality

Since already I have said, the natural blowjob till the end is my speciality, is what more all my lovers enjoy and for what they repeat with me. But if you look for something more, if you are of those who want to prove always new things out of what already these accustomed, I recommend to you to ask me undoubtedly a natural blowjob until the end.

As once said to me one of my lovers, for him it was ” one of the pleasures of the life “. I give everything for this face of pleasure meeting and to know that these never enjoying like. It makes me great to know that I am I the causer of all these sensations.

But it two brushstrokes are alone of everything what I am capable of doing in the bed for taking pleasure to a man. You will never know about what I speak until you prove it.

If you dream of the best sex, in spite of erotic fantasies fulfill esaas that always you have wanted to make real, I am your escort. It proves one of the best experiences of your life with the only escort as me, a bisexual escort lover of the sex and of the pleasure.

And now, it is the moment to call, do not you believe?

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