Escorts available 24 hours. This is one of the features that make our exclusive escort agency one of the best agencies in Madrid. And it is that every luxury agenciy has to offer the best to their customers, and sex is something that has no limits when we talk about timing.

Sex 24 hours with your favorite escort

From our dating service, we want to give the best service to all users through us you will contact with independent escorts who are advertised here. Users who want the best escort service at 5 pm or 4 am, and often do not know if there are escorts who attend at those hours.

Therefore, we have at your disposal telephone operators available 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, which will inform you about the available escorts at that time. And we have the most committed escorts in the city of Madrid who want to be available 24 hours a day for you.

We are fortunate to be able to guarantee that escorts will always be available for you every day of the year and at every time. Even in holidays as special as Christmas Eve, Easter, or Valentine’s Day. Whatever the day may be, you can always expect the best sex.


Escorts disponibles 24 horas

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Luxury whores for an early morning in Madrid

If it is early morning and you fancy a night of sex, or are someone who likes to enjoy the maximum pleasure late at night, no matter if it is Monday, Tuesday or weekend. You do not have to worry because all the escorts are ready to enjoy sex every day of the week, and there will always be someone available to please you.

Always you have available escorts in Madrid no matter what the time is. No need to make a reservation, to wait the next day, or any working hours. Do not worry about the hours of your call, or feel embarrassed about calling late at night. Many services are performed by escorts in the morning, first thing in the morning or afternoon … even on holidays or special days, there is always someone available for you.

Early morning is one of the sections of the day receiving more calls for our escorts. Nights when we want to have someone in our bed or in which after a party we want to finish it the best way possible and with the best company. And they don’t want to miss the opportunity of satisfying as many customers as possible.

Not to mention that the escorts enjoy much more of the night. They know what a good party is and you will find them always wanting more and more.

Our phone is working 24 hours a day and you will always have a response from our fellow phone operators. Whether to ask or to hire a service, we will be listening to you.


Sex in Madrid right away!

And best of all, is not only that we have available escorts 24 hours, but the fact that they are also available for the exact time you call them. No matter the hour, the day or where you are. The escorts will travel wherever you are.

There are many customers who call or write us to reserve a specific time for an appointment. And there are escorts who are in high demand and if you want to have a date with them and enjoy their services is best to call ahead just to make sure she will be available.

But if you’re in Madrid and what you want is sex here and now, call and ask for escorts available at this moment.

If you want sex right away, then don’t hesitate and call now, whether it is morning, noon, afternoon or the evening. They only need about 1 hour to get ready and move to where you are.

This time may depend on the place where you are. Most escorts are usually found in the center of Madrid, so that the time can be extended if the displacement is larger or smaller. Although we cannot assure the exact time the lady is going to arrive, we try to give you an approximate time according to where has to move.

This way you can enjoy with one of the escorts you like at the same moment that you feel like it, without having to book a time or a place. Whenever you want, within the range of an hour she will be prepared and ready to receive you at her home, or if you prefer she will move wherever you are.


Sexo ya

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Our exclusive escort move around Madrid without any problems. Many prefer to hire the services of an escort to move to their homes, or perhaps their hotel room for those who prefer more discretion.

In EscortporMadrid we guarantee discretion from the moment you call on the phone. Both the agency and the lady with whom you contract services. Your data, phone number or name will never be divulged.

The agency acts as an intermediary to ensure discretion both of escort and client, so that the phone number never reaches the escort, nor the escort’s reach the customer. So, now you just have to pick up the phone and tell that you want to enjoy right away.

You will barely realize you’ll be enjoying a beautiful woman in your own bed.


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