To live a sexual adventure full of passion with a professional escort is just a luxury; a different experience in which no matter the time you live in or situation but only let yourself carried away by the situation to get to different sensations that cannot be achieved by other relax services.

Imagination plays a major role in fulfilling fantasies, something that erotic stories take quite seriously; there are a lot of these erotic stories throughout history, relating to men and women who consider passion as an enhancer element of the human being and have not stopped to be read since they were written with seductive and expert hand.

In escortpormadrid we want to introduce you to some of these small works of fiction in any case you may use them so to increase your arousal and sexual desire, we assure you that they fulfill their function perfectly and are full of sensual stories both usual and unusual situations that you can implement with your favorite escort, thus enjoying the most daring experiences you can imagine.

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Story of the eye

Written by Beorges Bataille in 1928 for many this book is considered the jewel of erotic literature throughout history. In it the protagonist of the story, Simone, breaks all sexual boundaries supported by society, transgressive and daring behavior becomes gradually the representative of sin and pleasure, relating the author this topic with death, considering that this is the only way to find fulfillment and scape from the feeling of abandonment that produces society.

A true reference and practically considered the best erotic novel of history, The Story of the Eye was published clandestinely and under a pseudonym, limited run of copies already revealed in the first instance his boldness with culture and modern practices. It was not until 1967, after the author’s death when this work finally would be edited to achieve access to the general public, this time with the real name of the author on the cover.


In this evocative tale written by Vladimir Nabokov (1955) in an agile and entertaining way in we are told of two lovers whose age difference becomes a true scandal when they start a romantic relationship in which he is a mature man and she is just a very young girl. Although the story speaks of a sensitive issue, the literary potential of Nabokov knows how to guide the reader in an entertaining and enjoyable way so that it becomes a funny situation rather than a dark one.

In the fiction Professor Humbert have in Lolita a source of sexual inspiration and cause of all his fantasies, even getting himself to marry the mother of the young girl with the sole purpose of being closer to the woman walks his fantasies and start a romance full of excitement and perversity.

Even filmed, this work enjoys of great acceptance among the public and is one of the most recommended examples for beginners to start reading this bold and sensual kind of literature.


Written by Emmanuelle Arsan (1959 ) This is the story of Emmanuelle, a 20 years young girl addicted to sex, regardless whether it is with men or women, and regardless indeed the age of her lovers. A woman who is in the core of her self-development and who feels real passion and dependence on their sexual activities.


Everything changes when the girl reaches Bangkok and meets with her husband, the mature Mario will begin to instruct her in sexual arts in a much more mature way, well away from experimentation and immersing her in the complex world of exploring their more adult and forbidden fantasies.

Although surrounded by much controversy in the beginning, this work has become over time an essential reference for contemporary erotic novel, an element that should not be missing in any collection of erotic books

The ages of Lulu

In this award-winning novel by Almudena Grandes (obtained in 1989, the year of its publication, the IX prize Vertical Smile of erotic narrative) discover the fascinating story of Lulu, a young 15 year old girl whose life lacks the everyday affection and succumbs to temptation with a friend of his brother, managing her on sexuality as part of a process of evolution.

Gradually Lulu find in sex a real passion to explore the world around her and even herself on a journey that continues to grow and that will give way to the fulfillment of the most erotic and dark fantasies while exploring a sexuality that is considered essential to the internal development of a person, in this case a woman.

Slowly Lulu is pushed to bring their fantasies increasingly to the limit in the search of new experiences, which will take her fully into adventures that will become dangerous with all inadequate companies, a story that ventures into body scan and how far is this if not conducted in the appropriate manner by the person who feels.

Erotic stories are a powerful incentive for those couples who want to enjoy sexuality to their fullest, contributing with ideas and all kinds of situations.Any sex lover must have in his collection any of these stories full of the most intense emotions.



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