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Luxury escorts, women with an spectacular body and perfect curves desired by many men seeking for sex or escort services. Elegant women, educated, outgoing and those who know how to behave at all times. And available to any men who wants to meet with them.

If you are interested in an escort as a company lady, you’ll want her to accompany you to dinner, to a social or business event, or just to have some fun and entertainment. In this case, the place is something of your choice, the lady will move without any problem to wherever you want to make the appointment, whether in the center of Madrid or the suburbs. The most usual case is that the customer pays the lady’s taxi.


Sexual servicesin Madrid

As an escort agency, we try to make it easy to the client the ways of having a date with the chosen girl. For those who look sexual services from a luxury escort in Madrid, you have 2 posibilites of celebrating this date.


  • Escorts with private apartment: The cliente can move to the escort’s apartment, an intimate place, private and ready for the moment.


  • Escorts who travel: In this case, it will be the lady moving to the place the client is, whether to his apartment, hotel room…


Close a date with your escort in her private apartment

Most of the escorts, in the case of our agency, have their own apartment which clients can visit if wishing to hire their services and have no place to receive the girl, or even if they just feel more comfortable with it. In this case the one moving is the client, saving the cost of the taxi otherwise they’d have to pay to the girl.

For the shake of safety, in the first call, information about the location of the apartment will be given, once confirmed the date, more precise details will be given (the street the apartment is) and once the client is there, he will know the exact number of building and flat.

All the ladyes receiving in their apartment are in Madrid capital, and in places with easy access


Do you prefer is the girl who moves to your place?

You are looking at Escort advertising from your bed, and suddenly you see that girl you were looking for. Just the kind of woman you like and above all, is able to do whatever you want in your bed.

What better to call her to come to your bed and have fun with you?

If the customer prefers it and is more comfortable for him, the escort can move to the apartment or hotel room of the client. In this case, the customer will provide guidance to the escort and arrange the payment of the lady’s taxi. In this way the client can enjoy a spectacular woman in her own bed, not moving from where he is, and live an unforgettable night at home.

Depending on where the customer is located, the escort may take more or less time, but the usual thing, since all of them are in the downtown area of ​​Madrid, is that the travel takes about an hour while they make up and get ready for the date and also move to the place the client has chosen.

Thus, the Internet offers the possibility to enjoy an hour with a lady who will come wherever we are.

Use our luxury suites and make the most at the best price.



Not your place nor mine

There is also the possibility that neither of you move to the place of the other but you both do it. For there is the possibility as well that the client would want the escort to accompany him to some travel in which case the client will take care of the expenses of the escort. The service the girls provide in these cases is quite spectacular, and the treatment the client receives is the best. We are talking about an unique and unforgettable experience for those men who decide to spend some holidays filled with sex and fun, or romantic and pretty special.


Use our luxury suites and enjoy the most of it at the best price

Suites con jacuzzi

If you are the kind of men who wants to give his best never to forget the night, you can have everything in this date. Pero si eres de los que lo quieren dar todo y no olvidar esta noche jamás, puedes disfrutar de la cita a lo grande. In the case of our agency, we offer the chance for a little more, of enjoyin a luxury suite in the heart of Madrid. Suites where men around the world enjoy special evenings. Large rooms with private jacuzzi and pool in which to enjoy an amazing night with an unforgettable woman.

If you rent one of these luxury suites through us to enjoy one of the escorts of our agency, you are in for a spectacular discount on the room. And that’s something to take into consideration. Enjoy the privacy of your room with your own hot tub just for you, or your own private pool… have fun as you want, because you will have everything you may have to do so.

In either case, the customer decides to move to the apartment of the girl, or she prefers to move to the client’s (even in the case of renting the suite) the ladies need to be warned at least one hour before the appointment and so the could prepare for it and move in the case the service may be provided in the client’s place, so they could give the best service possible. You will always find the escorts ready and prepared for the occasion, and of course, for the best service you’ve ever imagined.

Over 50 escorts are waiting in the city of Madrid, they want to meet youand have fun with you… and you, don’t you want to know them? 


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