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There are many differences between a whore and an escort, but also many things they have in common. A luxury escort services can offer services as a regular prostitute and also as an escort, but that does not mean whore and escort mean the same thing.

In the world of sex there are many different services that can be offered and they and their quality depend on the name given to the young lady who provides them.

Lovers of safe sex know all these terms: escorts, luxury escorts, whores, company ladies… They are similar but different at the same time.

We’ve talked in other articles about the differences between escorts and whores; in this case there are more differences in the quality of the service and the lady who provides the services than in the service itself. But what are the differences between a whore and a companion? Can a prostitute offer companionship services? Or an escort provide you with the same services a whore would? We will answer all those questions in the next lines, keep reading.


Services from a whore and a professional escort

The main differences between a whore and a companion are the services performed, whenever we speak of a luxury whore. Both are smart, highly educated, and of course gorgeous ladies.

Both work by and for their body; tend to be the best in their job so they could get to more clients, always trying to give the best of themselves.

Both luxury whores and escorts are related to the world of sex and pleasure. It’s easy to find girls engaged to both services and agencies offering these services together or separately.

The escorts are a clear example of both, company services, and sex services going together in some kind of balance, they are complementary services that can be easily mixed up. And it is that the essential difference between prostitutes and escort services are the offered and performed services.


Services from a prostitute

A whore, as everyone knows, is related to prostitution, offering sex for money. The services offered by a luxury whore are always related to sex, no doubt about that.

Hire a bitch is hire an hour of sex, where you can practice all the sexual services offered specifically by that particular prostitute. With her, sex is assured, but there are certain services that depend on the girl if you can get access to them or not. Services such as anal sex or deep blowjob , Gold shower or even BDSM. If you want to experience some of these experiences certainly you are looking for a whore. Just make sure that the girl performs these services you are looking for so you can’t find any surprises related to your sexual appetites.

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Although the services a whore offers are rather different than the ones offered by a company lady, there are also whores ready to offer these escorting services if you demand them, always thinking in the best for you as an exigent customer.


Services from an escort, a company lady

The company ladies do not necessarily need to perform sexual services (although some are also involved in them). The service is primarily that one of escorting her date and offer her precious company as a classy lady.

There are several services an escort can offer, the most famous and most fashionable in recent years is the Girl Friend Experience (GFE known as among the escorts). This service consists in the accompaniment as if the girl in question were your real girlfriend.

Many men who hire escorts for GFE, especially for events such as weddings or important social events where appearances are very important are not looking for sex. Appear with a woman so beautiful hooked by your arm can be an extra in this type of events in which meets many important people.

People also hire the services of company ladies for more romantic dates where a pleasant dinner party takes place or just to have a nice time of relax, as easy as that. You choose the plan and the company, the escorts will go wherever you want them to, and will ensure you a fun and enjoyable time just with her mere presence.

One of the characteristics of the luxury companions who may also be a difference with a whore (though not necessarily) is that they must be open and outgoing women. Nice women and good talkers able to make you have a good time, in addition of course of being elegant, classy, ​​and the capability of behaving properly in all kinds of events. They are the most luxurious company.

And perhaps one of the most important things for men seeking an escort is also a physical thing with a high intellectual level. Educated and with the knowledge of more than one language, an escort must be ready to accompany all sorts of people, no matter their nationality. When it comes to an event, they most likely have to talk to all kinds of people and a luxury escort should always be ready to leave you in good place.


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Whore or luxury escort?

According to the services you want, you can choose a lady or another, but can a whore perform a companion service? Or a companion do likewise with the services offered by a whore?

Sometimes you can have a whore as an escort or an escort play with you as a prostitute.

If talking about whores, it is much more common that if the customer wants she can also offer her services as a regular company lady. They are women who are dedicated exclusively to sex but they have no inconvenience in performing company services for appointments, dinners, parties or events. Perhaps it is more difficult to find otherwise.

There are escorts who only perform services as a company lady and are unwilling to perform sexual services. When dealing with girls dedicated exclusively to the accompaniment you must be clear that the meeting will not go further when finished, your deal will end when the event reaches its conclusion. So if you want to have chances of having sex at the end of a date with a companion, it is best that you hire a whore to perform escort services or that you make sure that the escort is ready to please you in bed after the event is over.

The best option in these cases is to hire a luxury Escort. And that is because these women work as whores and also as company ladies. Luxury escorts offer their best sexual services to all people who decide to have an appointment with them.



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