Not every escort agency in Madrid work the same way when closing a date with an escort, even though they are similar in many aspects. There are some common features when we talk about hiring an escort and many topics we should know about so we don’t have to face any surprise when soliciting this special service.

Doubts when hiring an escort from an agency

Today we want to post an article in our blog with some of the most frequent doubts our clients tend to have, even doubts that someone who’s never contacted us and is thinking about it, may have.

Agencia de escorts EscortporMadrid

This is a section we want to make a regular one, so we could ask doubts our clients might have. For that we invite you to ask us anything about how the agency works, about the dates with the escorts, or whatever you might think about, don’t hesitate on asking, we will be delighted of answering any question in our next post of FAQs

FAQs in the agency escortpormadrid

For starters we will answer some of the most common questions the firs calling clients tend to do to us.

  •  What is the minimum time I can hire an escort?

 The minimum time of service is half an hour en nuestra agencia. As to the maximum it will depend on the lady, given that you can close a date even for days.

  • Is it really discrete to hire the services of an escort via agency?Agencia de escorts discreta

When hiring an escort we offer you a total discretion. Both the agency and the escorts working for us. The services are not performed in any public local, with publicity or signboard of any kind. They are done in the ladie’s apartment or if the client prefers so, she will move anywhere he wants her to.

  •  Do I need to make a reservation?

 You don’t need to do so, but you have to call at least with an hour in advance, so the escort can make up and get ready to move to your place or prepare her own to your visit. They will be utterly ready so they client just have to have fun from the first moment.

However, what can happen is that the escort you want to have the date is not available at that precise moment (she could be travelling, or having other commitment). For that is better to call with some time in advance so you could make an appointment with the lady you prefer and you don’t have any trouble.

  • What services do the escorts perform?

You can check upon the services every escort perform if you take a look to each escort personal profile, this way you can be sure about everything. If you are looking for some specific service, you can use our search engine located in the upper right side of the screen and you will easily find escorts who make that particular service or the characteristics you are looking for… If you wish you can just call and ask us what you are seeking, we will offer you right away a wide selection of escorts who will adapt to your needs.

You can also use the filters of our webpage to look for a special sexual service, for example, here you can check every escort performing anal sex.

  • If I hire the services of an escort, the girl coming will be the same I chose?

 The girl who will go to your appointment  will always be the one you chose, if not available other similar escorts will be offered to you, but no different escort will arrive to your date without a previous warning to the client.

  • Do you accept credit card?

Of course, our escort agency abides credit card payment. If you want to pay us this way, warn us before you close your date with the escort of your liking.

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