Passion for sex cannot only be experienced through a purely phisic way, there are also other “helps” which could help to raise our livido to its higher peaks.

We are talking of course about aphrodisiac food, those natural substances which are in our regular diet products and have an exciting effect over our body, helping us to achieve more satisfactory sexual relationships. Do you want to know something else about these incredible kind of food? Keep reading then.

The best aphrodisiac food

To raise our sexual appetite is not necessary to look for chemical or pharmaceutical products. For some time many aphrodisiac foods that serve this purpose are known, and they do a much cheaper and effective result than the methods mentioned above. Options are very numerous and every person may freely choose which one he likes best and which one produces better results, because do not forget that each person is different and every substance will not affect you in the same way as someone else ‘s same amounts of an aphrodisiac food.

  1. miel afrodisiacaChocolate: The aphrodisiac food par excellence, the most famous and the one which gives us more joy. Its sweetness makes it palatable to all tastes, but do not forget that the real chocolate does not contain sugar, and sweet taste is added from outside to give the flavor that has little to do with aphrodisiac food. Natural cocoa contains theobromine and phenylalanine, substances that help combat fatigue and blood circulation and stimulate the production of serotonin, making it a powerful aphrodisiac food.
  2. Honey: It is a food that helps to produce the sex hormone, especially in women, increasing blood content and providing with great levels of sweetness and sexual desire at the same time.
  3. Cinnamon: this aphrodisiac food helps improve blood circulation in the abdominal area and genitals, thereby making it easier to achieve sexual arousal from our body, and of course keep an aphrodisiac essential in food.
  4. Red wine: Alcohol has the power to free ourselves from shyness, which makes it a powerful ally also having a vasodilator effect, as in the case of cinnamon, so blood flows more effectively to our most erogenous zones.
  5. Mango: as figs, it helps the production of estrogen and testosterone, because it contains beta carotene (like carrots ) plus their high vitamin content helps sperm production to be much larger also containing the known hormone pleasure, tryptophan.

Easy aphrodisiac recipes

Now you know some food that can help you increase your sexual desire and your sex to be more satisfying, be sure to look a little more on your own to find out some more information, as there is a lot of food aphrodisiacs we have not named and which will catch your attention for sure.

But we are not only going to be able to eat this food raw, it is also possible to prepare authentic aphrodisiac foods, here are some examples:

fresas afrodisiaco

Aphrodisiac cake: You can get to prepare a delicious cake containing any of the ingredients mentioned above. If you get yours to have honey, chocolate, nutmeg, ginger and cinnamon you will achieve a great success and you will rise the temperature of any room.

Aphrodisiac fruit salad can always be the road to success, make sure it contains bananas, strawberries, mango, cardamom, walnuts and almonds, a little honey and a little cinnamon, mix it with other ingredients for a tasty appetizer to recharge your batteries and your lover’s.

Do not forget that oysters are a powerful aphrodisiac, although we have not mentioned them, so any recipe you venture to prepare with this magnificent ingredient will be very tasty and the aphrodisiac counterpoint we are looking for, be encouraged to explore.

There are many ways to give a small boost to our sex just to make it more pleasurable, making us anxious to confront it, here we have given you some hints on how to do so thanks to a natural and exciting diet, do not forget to try what is best for you and keep informing yourself about this new way of getting a higher sex arousal. Pleasure without limits is at your fingertips.

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