In sexual attraction and desire are two important and determinants senses which rise above the rest: the smell and sight. The sense of sight it seems obvious that intervenes with the attraction. First we see the other person and whether we like physically or we are drawn by some feature, the other person has already attracted us by sight, even without the existence of any kind of close up.

But one of the most involved senses besides sight in sexual attraction and desire, is the smell. Especially in the case of women, the smell is crucial to be attracted to a man. Therefore, you can find that you are not attracted at first glance by the appearance, but all is not lost. Come and try, and who knows if you will be attracted by the sense of smell.

And it is that while men rely more on their eyes and on first impressions we get through them, women expect a closer contact to be attracted or not by a man. Although it may seem more or less handsome or attractive, it will be the smell which guides women to feel something, that desire or sexual attraction urge them to want to meet that person.


Atracción sexual

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Women, sexually attracted by the smell

As we said, this way of attraction is more common in women than in men. And it is that women perceive smells better. The female is 100 times more sensitive to exaltolide, similar to musk male compound. Above all they are more attracted by the smell during ovulation stage. Here the sensitivity to an exciting smell is clearer than ever.

This “sexual musk” attracting women is a smell usually very intense and quite rude. Everyone is attracted to different types of odors. We could say that is a kind of indicator that tries to tell us with whom we are compatible and with whom we are not.

The smell will not lead us to achieve a relationship with someone, but just to start having a first contact, which is decisive for wanting a man sexually. Linking the olfactory sensors with the limbic system causes that odors can generate erotic attraction and feelings. And so, this sense is so powerful with women regarding this matter.

Sometimes the odor is perceived at the unconscious level, but many times it does not. So you know, use a good perfume that appeals greatly to them. But as we said, every woman is attracted to a different smell, so there is no magic potion that attracts all.

Men are more sexualy attracted by sight

But men, as was told before, are guided more by their sense of sight. And for the man that is the most important thing, what they can see through their eyes. A girl can turn us on only with just one look. Therefore, when a man is looking Escorts, a profile with several of her pictures, men can feel attracted to them and love and have sex without even having had an approach. In fact, ads that work best in the web of the escort agency in Madrid are advertisements for escorts with video. And in these ads you see escorts moving up and down, with sensual and daring poses… which will make you feel more attracted to her if possible.

Cuerpo de mujer

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But what is it that attracts most men visually? Contrary to what we think, a man simply does not feel sexually attracted to large breasts or a nice ass (also), if not that what most strike sight of men, is proportion.

That is, the physical characteristics of the female body are simply well proportioned. That is, if you have large breasts, it is in proportion with your body, that is tall, slender… If you have small breasts, that she is thin, short, thin hips…

But in addition to the proportion of the body, according to some studies, one of the most attractive features are feminine features.

A woman attracts more if emphasize its feminine features. Most people focus their gaze on the face, breasts, hips and legs. The parts that represent a woman. A woman who exploits her female full features, has won ever the majority of men.


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