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The hot bi for couples is a service offered by our exclusive escort to all those couples who want to try new experiences in sex. It is one of the sexual services a luxury escort can offer, such as the deep blowjob till the end, Greek or striptease…

An escort can offer you this service as well as the other ones she usually performs, so she can attend you as a couple while doing the other services mentioned above (deep blowjob till the end, striptease, erotic massage or even BDSM…)

The hot bi for couples service is the service that a luxury escort will offer you if you have a date with her and you arrive with your couple or partner. Two partners, boyfriends or even husband and wife who together decide to hire an escort to enjoy together of the sexual services offered by a luxury whore, that is, to enjoy an evening together full of sex and lust as you’ve never experienced before.

Why not asking for a professional of sex to help us doing something different in bed? This is a very special service which will enrich your sexual life as a couple.

The kind of clients for the hot bi for couples service

The hot bi for couples service means that it is a service offered by escorts to boy-girl couples. Such couples are the most likely to make an appointment with a company lady for a night of sex.

Such couples are often shy on their first date, and very daring when they have more experience in this kind of situations. Therefore, our colleagues serving on the phone usually recommend these couples of beginners escorts with experience in this service who know how to treat them and are experts treating such couples. The recommendations of the customers are very helpful in recommending to others.

There may also be other couples who want to enjoy the company of an escort. A couple of women may hire the services of a luxury whore for them. Before doing so, make sure that the escort is bisexual in addition to offering the hot bi for couples service.

On other occasions, the customers are two friends who want to hire an escort for a great nigh of sex. In this case we are talking about a sexual threesome, not a hot bi for couples service, so be specific when it comes to hiring an escort to not to find any surprise neither the client nor the escort.

As for couples who hire an escort, there are all kinds, from young open-minded couples with an open relationship, to older people, with several years of marriage, who want to leave the sexual routine that everyone comes in after a few years. Even two friends, boy and girl, who had the curiosity to experience a sexual encounter with another person, and have dared to do so between them dare to hire such a professional.

On the other hand we find more daring couples looking for a particular service, wanting to do it with their partner, such as BDSM lovers. Among these it is very common to hire an escort to exercise both members of the couples as masters or as dominated. For them arises the necessity of finding a luxury whore who offer both services, someone very hot for such BDSM lovers.

Trio sado

The ideal escort for this service

Not all luxury escorts offer this type of service, you have to know how to deal with a partner and know that they like and that it is not equal for women and for men. Many couples are beginning to try an escort together for the first time and ask for an escort who can take them and enjoy with them despite their initial shyness.

It also has to be a bisexual escort, one who dares having sex with men and women alike. In a hot bi for couples service, customers may want their partner to play with the escort while they look or she is looking… or join the action in a spectacular threesome. The escort must be willing to participate in all matters that the couple comes up with.

The ideal escort will of course be one that is used to dealing with couples, but in terms of physical depends on the tastes of both. There are blondes and brunette escorts, Spanish and Latin, high or short, with large or small breasts… all types of escorts among which you can choose you and your partner. For many, the mere fact that the two or you are looking for a woman and have sex with that woman, knowing she is in the escort advertisements might arouse incredible and exciting feelings. To have a date together with an attractive, sexy and very hot woman posing nude or seminude and know you both can enjoy of sex with such a professional is quite exciting.

But to find the perfect escort you also have to take a look at the kind of services offered, since while dealing with a couple they can also perform other services as we mentioned above: deep blowjob, erotic massage, strip dances, BDSM… You will be able to find the perfect escort for you as a couple.




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