Madrid is probably the best city in Spain where to find the most exquisite sexual service of all Spain and that includes the most amazing whorehouses and hookers homes there are to discover. Very professional places where to live the most incredible sexual experiences with hookers in Madrid.

Hookers home in Madrid for the most exquisite palates

A whorehouse is a place where sex professionals have a resident place to work in. They are usually flats in the center of the city or chalets in the surroundings area. There, any lover of good sex can enjoy a sexual experience out from prying eyes. This kind of places can offer privacy to every customer and usually some of the best escorts of the city.

These escorts are not independent sex workers; for some reason they have chosen the possibility of working in a fixed timetable which could allow them certain stability. They know for sure how much money they are going to make every month and they can live a normal live with it.


Something quite different from an independent luxury escort which have the possibility of choosing every date she wants to have and also the man she wants to enjoy it with. But make no mistake, the hookers working in whorehouses are very professionals as well and they love to satisfy their lovers so they want to come back every time.

Whorehouses ten to have a regular clientele, the kind of is delighted with what they can find and they are also open every day of the week and 24 hours, so if you want to live a relaxing experience with the best sex you could enjoy it every moment you decide to.

Usually these hookers home advertise themselves in professional escorts guides; this way every person interested in receiving those service can compare among the wide offer there is, checking out in public forums where to look for different opinions of people with the same interests.

A different option

For the customer looking for sexual services there are many different options, every one of them with its advantages and disadvantages, the possibility of going to a whorehouse is just one of them.

These possibilities tend to adjust itself to the quality of the service. If we take this into consideration we can find street hookers offering their services so every interested person could stop by with the car or simply asking directly the girl about the services she is willing to perform. This is perhaps the options which offers less guarantees of quality, health and hygiene and maybe the less used by the most exigent sex customers.

Of course is something to take into consideration but if you can’t dispose of a private home or something of the sort is quite difficult to enjoy a sexual relationship with comfort and being utterly sure you are not being observed.

That is why the whorehouses are so in demand these days. For those gentlemen who can’t dispose of a flat no matter the reason, there is the possibility of attending to one of these private homes, flats or chalet where to enjoy a moment of privacy and good sex with some very beautiful women who love sex in the same way.

It is possible to fulfill every fantasy in a whorehouse and you will only need to ask in advance about the service every girl is ready to do with you. For example, if you want to practice anal sex or receive a deep blowjob you need to know if the girl you fancy is willing to do so, remember always to ask about services, not only about price.


Because in this business, people tend to look only the price forgetting about other important questions such as quality of the service and the attentions, grade of implication and so on. And that is also very important to experience a great night with hookers in Madrid.

Independent escorts and whorehouses

But there is also another option, a different one designed especially for the most demanding men who want to live all those unique experiences but the consider important the luxury as well. The professional independent escorts.

An independent escort is quite different from a regular hooker, because she can offer escorting services as well. That means they are perfect women, very beautiful, elegant and curvy, always being ready for a close contact in which you need your partner to give her best and leave you in a good place.

Independent escorts are not attached to a place of work and they can move freely around Madrid to escort you to any place, party, event or even to a swingers club if you want to enjoy a different experience where switching your couple will be something quite normal.



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