Mature escorts are full of hotness for many men looking for sex contacts. They are the erotic dream of many, especially young people looking for the experience of a woman who knows men well and has tried everything. A woman capable of teaching them new things and to dominate the situation.

Mujer madurita

But there are also mature men who, at one time, may look for this type of escort. The experience and understanding that a mature escort offers is not easy to find when talking about sex.

All this is what many seek in a mature escort. They can be the protagonists of the sexual fantasies of many, and the best companion for others. And besides experience in sex, they know how to behave with a man in all situations. In a mature escort you’ll find everything you want, that is for sure.

But besides the curiosity that sleeping with a mature prostitute arouses, there are many reasons why we can ensure that you will enjoy more with a mature lady than with much younger escorts. Here we show you 10 reasons that our loyal customers have shared with us after they have had a date with a lady we could call mature.

Reasons to meet with a mature escort

  1. Erotic dream of youth: who has not had as platonic love, someone older than him. As we have already mentioned, doing it with a mature escort is the hottest of many youngsters’ dreams, and not so young who still remember how they wanted that mature woman in his youth. You do not want to relive those moments making your dream come true?
  2. Escorts with experience in sex: the experience is an extra, and of course in the world of sex too. If you know what it is to have sex with escorts, if you try with more mature ones you will notice the difference. They know men very well, what they like and what not, and know how to behave in order to give you maximum pleasure in bed.
  3. Maturity: they are older women, and you will realize it just meeting with them. The welcome she gives to you, the way of treating you… and the conversation you can have with a mature escort such as you could not find in another woman. Reasonable woman who know well how to behave on a date with a man who seeks their services.
  4. Beauty: Because being mature does not mean they cease to be interesting. They are the escorts that have more care with their bodies, and continue doing this job because they still are incredibly beautiful. You can even find a escort you think is 20 years but with the experience of 30. They are full of surprises.
  5. Sex lovers: Few escorts continue devoting to sex after youth. And if they do it, is just because they really like what they do. These women will enjoy with sex as much as you would, or even more than you. And we all like to see how the other enjoys like we do.
  6. Independent Escorts: The mature escorts have their life on the right direction, and know what their priorities are. For them the first thing is their job and will do everything as possible to take care of your appointment and have everything as prepared as possible.
  7. Escorts with their own apartment: Most mature escorts have their own apartment to receive you. So for those who have nowhere to host the escort when in a date, they can go to their apartment and enjoy the best sex in private, without having to rent a hotel room for the date.Apartamento privado
  8. Preparation of the appointment: In the opinion of many customers, we are surprised that some agreed that they had everything prepared and ready. Careful with the details, everything is trying to fit perfection and with a romantic and sensual atmosphere for you to enjoy the best sensations without any worries, you will feel like staying with her more and more.
  9. Very attentive women: They are awaiting you from the moment you walk through the door. They worry about your comfort so you could feel at ease all time.
  10. Escorts ready for anything: Mature escorts have much experience in sex. One way to keep that feeling is forgetting about monotony. So often escorts who like to provide all kinds of services, try different things and new experiences so they can move on with a full sexual life.


Mature escorts, the ideal company

When you can really tell about the benefits of a mature escort is when you take them to classy events. If you are looking for a companion for a romantic rendezvous, an evening with some friends, these ladies not only will make it funny, but they will make you feel comfortable and you will not remember you have paid for their services.

But in addition to more intimate or private appointments, they can also accompany you to any event or private party, social event, meetings and celebrations.cita en Madrid con acompañante

In case you want an escort for such moments, not only beautiful women are interesting, which of course is guaranteed when you hire a luxury escort, people also looks for culture, good conversation and poise and of course, the ability to behave in every situation. When hiring a luxury escort, all these features are assumed in all escorts because a previous interview is done to join the agency. But mature provide with extra experience in such events.

Mature escorts with experience in all kinds of events have visited many important places and know well how to act. And of course, the conversations that offer to you will fill you in every way.


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